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The Employee Stock Option Fund provides funding for current and departing employees of select venture-backed companies to enable them to exercise their stock options. Through a unique partnering agreement, the Fund provides employees with the cash required to exercise their options without having to transfer title and forego all future value on those shares. When the shares become freely transferrable, ESO makes a final payment based on the value of the shares at that time. If the stock becomes valueless, the Fund, not the employee, bears the loss. We provide a clear, straightforward, and employee-friendly approach to exercising stock options without financial stress. Take a minute to watch our introductory video.

For individuals who already own private company stock, the ESO Fund can provide partial liquidity allowing the owner to recover capital while still retaining the potential upside from the stock. For private companies that wish to establish a liquidity program for employees, the ESO Fund's unique program provides an attractive alternative to secondary buyouts by providing liquidity without introducing the risk of new shareholders to the company while retaining employee loyalty through the preservation of upside potential.

The Employee Stock Option Fund is a game changing financial service. Prospective employees who have been historically reluctant to join startups can now join at an earlier stage. Previously, these same employees would only join when the company was mature and options packages become small and expensive. With support from ESO, employers can entice highly skilled employees much earlier when the need and opportunity for impact is the highest.

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