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Liquidity for RSUs

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Do you own RSUs in a startup,
but want cash now?

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You can't always wait for your company to IPO or get acquired. Sometimes you have urgent cash needs, but the company's schedule doesn't sync up with yours. Looking to make a career move? Buy a house? Put the kids through college? Or simply diversify your risk?

RSUs expire if a company doesn’t exit within a few years. Given the limited lifetime of an RSU grant and its illiquid nature, there’s no guarantee you’ll get any value from them. While RSUs are technically never underwater, they don’t vest until liquidity is achieved, and typically expire after 5 to 7 years. This means that what may seem like a valuable asset could disappear for nothing if an event that is completely out of your control, like an IPO or M&A, doesn’t occur before expiration. Not everyone can afford to wait for liquidity or risk expiration. While a company can extend your expiration date, they have little incentive to do so, and it is not something you can necessarily count on.

The Employee Stock Option Fund can offer you a liquidity advance against your RSUs on a non-recourse basis. That means if your company's stock ultimately falls in value or if your RSU grant expires worthless, you still get to keep your advance because ESO will take the loss instead. Simply fill out our form with your information and one of our deal managers will get in touch with you.

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No two option grants are alike -whether your options expire this week, you are planning ahead, or you simply want some liquidity for shares you own. ESO can customize a deal to fit your situation and needs. Your chance to ask any and all questions about how we operate or stock options in general.


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Every ESO offer is personalized specifically to fit your tastes and financial situation. Once you enter into an agreement with ESO we are partners until liquidity and want you to be happy with your deal.


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If you are local to the Bay Area, join us for an in office closing at our San Mateo office. If you aren’t in the area, no problem. We can close remotely using Zoom or Google Hangouts. Funding can take place in as little as 24 hours.

Our Process

Fast. Trusted. Easy.

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Complete our form and connect with an ESO Partner for a free 15 minute equity consultation.


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In as little as 1 hour, you'll receive an offer personalized specifically to fit your unique financial situation and needs. ESO offer's are 100% risk-free. In exchange, we ask for a percentage of the stock plus a return of the original investment.

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Join your ESO Partner for an online closing via Zoom. The timeline from consultation to funding can take place in as little as 24 hours.

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