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No risk. No funding minimum.
Close in as little as 24 hours.

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Introduce Yourself

No two option grants are alike -whether your options expire this week, you are planning ahead, or you simply want some liquidity for shares you own. ESO can customize a deal to fit your situation and needs. Your chance to ask any and all questions about how we operate or stock options in general.


Receive a personalized offer

Every ESO offer is personalized specifically to fit your tastes and financial situation. Once you enter into an agreement with ESO we are partners until liquidity and want you to be happy with your deal.


Close and Fund

If you are local to the Bay Area, join us for an in office closing at our San Mateo office. If you aren’t in the area, no problem. We can close remotely using Zoom or Google Hangouts. Funding can take place in as little as 24 hours.


Why ESO?

With 1,000+ happy clients at 450+ companies, the ESO Fund has been helping employees maintain their valuable equity for 7 years and counting.


Fast and Private

Close and fund in as little as 24 hours. No credit score impact. You maintain ownership.


De-Risk, Maintain Upside

No Funding Minimums. ESO takes the risk, you enjoy the upside.


Partners in Venture Capital

We work hand in hand through every step of the process and only get paid when you do.


No Personal Liability

Funding is non-recourse. If the company fails, we absorb the loss.

This innovative service promotes and enables a healthier relationship between companies and employees. I my opinion it's valuable to employees and great for the overall tech environment and economy. It is good for nobody when employees feel trapped because they can't afford to leave. In less extreme cases exercising can be expensive and somewhat risky and this is simply a good smart hedge and a good square deal. Brilliant!

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