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ESO Fund, helping employees build wealth

More than $2 Billion of wealth created since 2012

"Helped mitigate the risk of exercising stock options and enabled to fully take advantage of potential. The whole process was well thought out and communication and responsiveness was outstanding. Above it all, very trustful in such a delicate engagement."
- Software Engineer @ Series C Company, Silicon Valley

It's just not optimal for one's career to stay anywhere for 4-6 years in tech

“ESO Fund was a true partner to me as I evaluated financing alternatives to exercise my options. They were easy to work with, responsive, and transparent during each step of the process. As someone who leads finance at startups, I was impressed by how streamlined their diligence and financing process was. The transaction economics are fair and they are able to finance deals quickly.”
- VP Finance @ Ser D Company, Silicon Valley

It's just not optimal for one's career to stay anywhere for 4-6 years in tech

"It's a very practical service & I have friends who are thinking about not changing jobs because they are locked into their stock options. Good companies, but it's just not optimal for ones career to stay everywhere for 4-6 years in tech."
- Product and Engineering @ Now Public Company, Silicon Valley

"Super helpful, transparent and thoughtful. Made a complex, administratively daunting exercise straightforward and trustworthy, not to mention fast and a great deal."
- VP Marketing @ Series B Company, Silicon Valley

"Great product for those C-level employees who joined late-stage where options exercises are expensive and could require a substantial cash investment otherwise upon leaving."
- Executive VP Operations @ Series B Company, New York

"I want to thank you for all the patience throughout this undoubtedly annoying-at-times process :) You always made sure to take care of me even when it involves seemingly endless amendments. I’ve been telling many early startup employees about ESO Fund lately based on my excellent experience with you.
- Engineering Manager @ Series C Company, Silicon Valley

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Unlock your equity potential with ESO Fund

if you have


We'll pay for the exercise, risk-free.

Do you have stock options that are about to expire? Protect yourself from potential losses by funding your exercise with ESO.

Option Exercise Funding

if you own


Unlock liquidity while retaining upside.

Turn your hard-earned equity into cash to buy your dream home, save for college, or simply diversify your exposure.

Liquidity For Shares

if you have


We offer immediate cash for your RSUs.

Access cash today by selling your RSUs. Don't wait for the IPO – Gain liquidity today while preserving future growth potential.

Sell Your RSUs
we provide YOU piece of mind

The ESO Advantage

The Gold Standard in Employee Equity Since 2012

ESO Fund is the oldest and largest employee equity company in the world. While other companies might come and go, we are a stable counterparty who pioneered this industry and are here to stay. After recently closing our 4th Fund, ESO's longevity and depth of experience are unparalleled.

Simple & Transparent
No Interest or Hidden Fees

Our agreements are simple, clean, and have no funding minimum. We don't believe in hidden fees and never nickel or dime you for closing fees, yearly fees,  trust fees, or conclusion fees. We do not charge any time-based interest and your shares are not tied up in any security agreements, pledges, or trusts.

You're a Partner not a Customer

You maintain ownership of your shares and we don't require you to transfer your them into a trust outside of your control. With ESO, you have an insider in the employee equity markets. We actively help you navigate secondary sales, update you on the status of your company, and help you get answers for your unique tax situation.

Silicon Valley Based, Globally Available

We are an integral part of the Silicon Valley start-up ecosystem and have lived through the many ups and downs of start-up life. ESO can transact all across the country and in select international markets.

Your Trusted Counterparty

With more than one thousand transactions at over 450 companies since 2012, ESO has 12+ years of equity financing from exercise to IPO. We have seen every situation and are by your side in every circumstance along your path to liquidity.

Funding You in Days not Weeks

We are the fastest and most reliable financing source for options exercises and share liquidity. Our process only takes a matter of days to complete and does not require company or board of director approval.

Fast. Trusted. Easy.

Introduce Yourself

No two option grants are alike -whether your options expire this week, you are planning ahead, or you simply want some liquidity for shares you own. ESO can customize a deal to fit your situation and needs. Your chance to ask any and all questions about how we operate or stock options in general.


Receive a personalized offer

Every ESO offer is personalized specifically to fit your tastes and financial situation. Once you enter into an agreement with ESO we are partners until liquidity and want you to be happy with your deal.


Close and Fund

If you are local to the Bay Area, join us for an in office closing at our San Mateo office. If you aren’t in the area, no problem. We can close remotely using Zoom or Google Hangouts. Funding can take place in as little as 24 hours.

Our Process

Fast. Trusted. Easy.

Receive funding in days, not weeks.

For a more detailed look into our funding process: CLICK HERE

Introduce Yourself

closing via zoom

Complete our form and connect with an ESO Partner for a free 15 minute equity consultation.

Get a quote
intro call
personalized offer

Receive your Personalized Offer

personalized offer

In as little as 1 hour, you'll receive an offer personalized specifically to fit your unique financial situation and needs. ESO offer's are 100% risk-free. In exchange, we ask for a percentage of the stock plus a return of the original investment.

Close and Fund

close and fund

Join your ESO Partner for an online closing via Zoom. The timeline from consultation to funding can take place in as little as 24 hours.

close and fund

Why ESO?

ESO Fund has enabled employees to own and optimize their valuable equity for 10 years and counting. We have assisted thousands of employees, more than the rest of the industry combined, in creating life-changing wealth through direct funding from our dedicated capital pool.


Fast and Private

Close and fund in as little as 24 hours with no credit score impact. We don't require a transfer so you maintain ownership of your shares.


Risk-Free Upside

ESO takes the risk on your equity and you enjoy the upside. In exchange, we ask for a % of the stock plus a return of the original investment.


Partners in Venture Capital

We work hand in hand through every step of the process and only get paid when you do.


No Personal Liability

All of our funding is non-recourse. If the company fails or declines in value we absorb the loss

This innovative service promotes and enables a healthier relationship between companies and employees. I my opinion it's valuable to employees and great for the overall tech environment and economy. It is good for nobody when employees feel trapped because they can't afford to leave. In less extreme cases exercising can be expensive and somewhat risky and this is simply a good smart hedge and a good square deal. Brilliant!

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