Funding Process Overview

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Detailed Funding Process

  1. Chat live with an ESO Partner for a 15 minute introductory call. Discuss your situation and learn how ESO can help.

    (Call +1 (650) 262-6670)
  2. Sign a mutual NDA with us to protect the confidentiality of the information you provide us.
  3. Send back the items in our info request list, which includes a precise summary of all your option grants and current vesting schedules.
  4. ESO will assess the health and viability of your company as well as the details specific to your particular situation. Most of this work will be done by us using public sources of information, but we may need a series of emails or calls with you for more information.
  5. You will receive a personalized offer from ESO via email.
  6. Once accepted, you must pass a background check in order to get funding from us. Since your stock will stay titled in your name and will not be pledged as a security, your personal financial standing and credit worthiness is used instead. It is imperative that you be free from litigation, bankruptcy, criminal history, and pass the minimum financial requirements.
  7. You will receive a formal contract to review that reflects our financial agreement via email.
  8. Once the documents are signed, we will schedule a closing that will take place via Zoom. Together, we will review all the details once more and go over any final questions you may have.
  9. Following the closing, ESO will provide you with the cash necessary to exercise your options (or simply your full liquidity if you own shares).
  10. In most cases, a separate cash advance to cover your estimated tax needs or additional liquidity will be given after you return with confirmation of your exercise as well as proof of issued shares (The process can take as little as 24 hours, but typically takes 1-3 weeks when there is no urgent time constraint).
  11. After this, we are all done. ESO and you are now partners in equity patiently waiting out a liquidity event. Our interests are aligned so feel free to reach out to your ESO Partner with any questions regarding the equity. Of course, any referrals would be much appreciated!

    This innovative service promotes and enables a healthier relationship between companies and employees. I my opinion it's valuable to employees and great for the overall tech environment and economy. It is good for nobody when employees feel trapped because they can't afford to leave. In less extreme cases exercising can be expensive and somewhat risky and this is simply a good smart hedge and a good square deal. Brilliant!

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