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September 20, 2021 - Forbes

Financing Stock Option Exercises In Private Companies: Insights From A Top Financial Advisor

Private company employees face a liquidity issue compared to public company employees as their equity is not freely tradable. Learn from a "Top Financial Advisor" about how startup employees can finance their stock option exercises.

August 18, 2021 - The Entrepreneur

3 Things Startup Employees Should Know About Stock Options and Risk Mitigation

Stock options have made millionaires out of startup employees. So, why are employees opting out of exercising their stock options? Learn how cost, risk and lack of information lead many employees to leave their equity on the table, and how ESO Fund helps employees mitigate these issues.

July 30, 2021 - Forbes

How AI Is Making Employee Equity More Accessible For Startups And Their Teams

ESO Fund leverages technology to quickly assess company health and help employees access their equity, risk-free.

December 8, 2020 - Business Insider

ESO Fund Raises 4th Fund to help Employees Exercise Stock Options

Since 2012, ESO Fund has raised 4 funds with the goal of helping employees exercise their stock options and reap the rewards of their hard earned equity.

December 14, 2019 - Business Insider

I didn't have the cash to exercise my startup stock options. This Silicon Valley fund offered a way to do it without burying me in debt.

Learn more about how ESO Fund helped this employee exercise their stock options risk free.

March 4, 2019 - Venture Capital Journal

ESO Fund raises funds for financing employee stock option purchases

Since 2012, ESO Fund has supported more than 850 employees at more than 350 companies. Founded by Scott Chou, Stephen Roberts, and Jimmy Lackie, the firm has raised 3 funds including a $75M Fund II and $100M Fund III.

June 19, 2015 - Forbes

7 Steps to Monetize Your Shares In A Company

Learn how to best monetize your shares in a private company before the company reaches IPO.